HiPerFlon®- Rotary PTFE Lip Seals

HiPerFlon® is a rotary lip seal that features an ID lip that seals dynamically on shaft and with O-ring centered on the OD. They are suitable for medium to high speed with low pressure application. It is widely chosen when the rotary speeds exceed the capabilities of elastomeric seals. 
With the unique sealing lip construction and excellent self-lubricated features of PTFE compounds, the HiPerFlon® provides superior performance over conventional rubber oil seals. Typical speeds for HiPerFlon® seals are 25 m/s (4925 fpm) and above. 
HiPerFlon® seals are available in a wide variety of PTFE compounds, and utilize common O-ring material choices like fluorocarbon, silicone, nitrile, and EPDM. The use of standard O-ring and PTFE compounds create an easily adaptable solution for all kinds of high-speed applications. 
Standard HiPerFlon® sizes are precision machined to fit inch-fractional and metric gland geometries, and in-house processing allows custom seal cross sections and diameters to meet any customer request.